Sequoia Humane Society

A No-Kill Shelter Saving Lives Everyday

Tailwaggers Thrift Shops

We are so happy to present our two thrift shops.

They provide a major source of support for our shelter and for our mission to save lives.

Without them, we couldn't do half as much!

Please join us at either location, and see if you can't find what you are looking for.

Online Sales

Sometimes we have such nice items, we feel the need to share them with the world!
So even if you're a few miles away, you can still join in the thrifting, and support the puppies and kittens.

Find some of our poshest items at PoshMark: jewelry, purses, dresses, and more.

These deals are bae, eBay that is! Tools, fine art, and who knows what else?

Do you have some items you'd like to donate?
Thank you!

Your donations help us find homes for hundreds of animals every year!

We accept most items you might have in your home, if they are clean and in working condition. When donating, please keep in mind, items that we cannot sell will require disposal fees which take away from funds for caring for animals.

We also gladly accept donations intended for the shelter, if the shops are a more convenient dropoff location for you. Have a look at our shelter wish list for items we always need.

Please consult the following list before bringing items for donation. We'd love to accept everything, but due to space and salability, there are some items we cannot accept:

  • Dirty, stained, unsanitary or smoke-smelling items
  • Old, rusted, broken or unusable items
  • Fax machines, VCRs, CRT TVs (flat screens OK)
  • Large sports equipment, skis, hockey sticks, etc
  • Large exercise equipment, nordic track, treadmills, etc
  • Hard-wired light fixtures
  • Toilets
  • Large Appliances
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Copied tapes
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Toiletries, diapers and pads
  • Food and drink