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Private Adoptions

The Sequoia Humane Society (SHS) aims to help find permanent, loving homes for all adoptable animals.  Due to space limitations, we cannot admit every animal looking for a new home into our shelter.  We have therefore reserved a space on our website to help pet owners distribute information about animals they need to rehome.  All cats and dogs posted for private adoption must be spayed/neutered.  In order to post a private adoption, we need a statement granting SHS permission to post your contact information on our website and Facebook.  We also suggest that you sign up for the Friends for Life Animal Rescue "Matchmaker" program, and post fliers in vet offices, pet stores and around your neighborhood.
If you are looking to rehome a pet, please send an email to [email protected]including:
General Temperament:
Disclaimer: The Sequoia Humane Society does not guarantee the health or temperament of any private adoption animal listed on its website. Private adoption agreements are between the animal's original guardian and the individual looking to adopt the animal. All parties using this website agree to release SHS from any responsibility related to the private adoption process. 
The following animals are currently available for private adoption:

Name: Benny
Breed: Greyhound Mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: Around 3
Contact: Mike (707) 496-3345
General Temperament: Meet Benny! This friendly boy is looking for a new place to land. He is friendly and has experience being around other dogs and children.


Name: Degas
Breed: Dog - Cairn Terrier (Wheaton)
Gender: Male - Neutered
Age: 14 years
Contact: Tony - (707) 672-9772
General Temperament: Meet Degas! He is a 14 year old Cairn Terrier looking to find a home for his last years. He is looking for a calmer household as he is older. He is friendly with people and has is generally well-behaved. He has been around children of all ages.


Name: Tytan
Breed: Dog - Jack Russell Terrier
Gender: Male - Neutered
Age: 8
Contact: Tony - (707) 672-9772
General Temperament: Meet Tytan! He is a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier looking to find his forever home. He is looking for an active family to spend his time and energy with. He is friendly with people and most other dogs, and loves to play with and chase a ball. He has been around children of all ages.

Name: Missy 
Breed: Terrier/Chihuahua mix 
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 3 years 
Contact: (707) 362-4699
General Temperament: Missy is looking for a forever home! She need a loving home. Missy takes a little bit of time to come out of her shell, but once she adjusts she is a cuddle bug! 

Name: Duckie/K.W
Breed: DSH Grey/White
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 5 Months
Contact: [email protected] or call 707-442-7729
General Temperament: Duckie LOVES other animals, she currently lives with 3 other cats and 4 dogs, that she is always wrestling with or cuddling against. She has a medical condition called pectus excavatum, but you would never know she was different! Her chest concaves inward, and does create a smaller cavity for her heart and lungs. The only time you notice her condition is after playing hard, she breathes faster than a normal cat. She should remain and indoor only cat (or monitored outdoor time) due to her condition. She loves to sleep and cuddle on the best, but does not like to be held tights as she isn't able to breathe well if her chest is compressed. She also has an obsession with socks! She has been looking for a forever home for 4 months now!

Name: Twoface
Breed: Tortoise Shell
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 8 or 9 years
Contact: Cindy - 707-498-9978
General Temperament: Two Face is a loving kitty. She's around 8 or 9 years old ( to the best of my knowledge). She's been spayed. She is great around the young and old. Her teeth are gone, but she has no trouble eating crunchy food or birds. She needs a home where she can be constantly loved. She gets along with other cats and if around a friendly dog I'm sure they would be friends too, that's her disposition. She deserves a home with lots of love.


Name: Akela
Breed: Lab/Pit mix
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Contact: Ashley - (858) 805-1977
General Temperament: I am hoping to re-home a very beautiful and special five-year-old lab pit mix who would need to be the only dog in the household with no children. She has never shown aggression to an adult/human. She has only acted out towards other dogs when she was in a new place or when it was with an unfamiliar dog and territory was involved (ex. near her food bowl, over toys). She currently lives with a cat and I have never had an issue with her and him together. She has lived with other dogs, but this included weeks of walks together prior to her living with them and a lot of precaution as she is a big girl and I never want to see another dog get hurt or put her in a position where she might act out because of her past. She is a happy go lucky girl in neutral places like the beach (it’s one of my favorite things to see that smile on her face while she runs on the beach), but I have had to be careful even in these situations because again I want to avoid any conflict and make sure she and other dogs are safe. She is better off-leash in these environments; it is only on leash where I have to be careful. I believe her potential aggression towards other unfamiliar dogs will improve with someone more confident in training dogs and if she had an overall better environment that would help her continue to feel more confident with herself.


Name: Grandma Chichi and Grandpa Peppy
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Gender: Female and male
Age: 12 years
Contact: Felicia - (562) 313-1650
General Temperament: Meet Grandma Chichi and Grandpa Peppy! They are 12 years old Chihuahua mixes’ that need a loving home to adopt them together. Peppy has a little more energy than Chichi but he is warming her up to be a little more active. They are very sweet, mellow, and good with other animals and children of all ages!


Name: Maybelline
Breed: Pit/Whippet mix
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 2 Years
Contact: Mallory - (707) 267-0493 or [email protected]
General Temperament: Meet Maybelline! She is a beautiful, friendly Pit/Whippet mix. She has high energy, and loves to run and play, but she also loves to hangout inside and cuddle. She is good with dogs and has been around children of all ages. She would do better in a home without cats.


Name: Dora (left) and Lucy (right)
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 9 years
Contact: Rachel - (707) 496-9280
General Temperament: Meet Dora and Lucy! These beautiful girls are both 9-year-old Domestic Short Hairs. Lucy is very curious, and Dora will walk on a harness! They both like fellow friendly cats and dogs, and would do better in a calmer environment.


Name: Moon
Breed: Dachshund mix
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 4 years
Contact: Sadie - (209) 990-3344
General Temperament: Meet Moon! She is a 4-year-old Dachshund mix who weighs about 10 pounds. She knows basic commands, will dance for a tasty treat, and knows how to use a litter box! She may take a little time to warm up, but she really just wants to play and give kisses! She does well with dogs, cats, and children, but would do better in a home without chickens.


Name: Luna
Breed: Small dog mix
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 15 years
Contact: Sadie - (209) 990-3344
General Temperament: Meet Luna! She is a 15-year-old small dog mix, weighing about 6 pounds! She knows basic commands, enjoys short walks, and is very friendly with dogs, cats, and kids of all ages! She would do better in a home with low activity, as she has a little trouble with hearing and seeing.


Name: Koda
Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Male - Neutered
Age: 10 months
Contact: Tyrone - (707) 672-3016
General Temperament: Meet Koda! He is a beautiful 10 month old German Shepherd who weighs about 80 pounds. He is very friendly with dogs, cats, and children of all ages! He is very energetic, active, and would thrive in a home where he has lots of room to run and play, although he may need some training!


Name: Spike
Breed: Domestic ShortHair
Gender: Male - Nutered
Age: 16
Contact: Ashley - (707) 449-5414
General Temperament: Meet Spike! He is a 16-year-old domestic shorthair. He is healthy, but he has a little skin cancer on his nose. He mostly wants to sleep, but also love attention. He is very loving, mellow, and great with kids and dogs too!


Name: Scooter
Breed: Domestic Shorthair - Tabby
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 1-2 years
Contact: Kerri - (603) 303-2968
General Temperament: She is super playful, loves outdoors but also a comfy spot on the couch. She does not mind hanging out with a dog, or other cats, she loves to play chase if other cats are into it. She seems to be super social and friendly towards anyone she meets. She does not love being picked up, but she tolerates it, and she is getting better every day. Although, I'm not sure kids are great for this little lady. She is a great hunting cat, she caught a couple field mice in the last few weeks. She is litter box trained.


Name: Koda
Breed: Rottweiler/Doberman/German Shepherd
Gender: Female - Spayed
Age: 8 months
Contact: Jonah - (707) 672-3417
General Temperament: Koda is a sweet, intelligent pup. She has lots of energy and wants to learn. She has done well in basic obedience training. She is crate trained and potty trained. She loves dogs, but is best suited with other large dogs due to her playful nature. She does chase our cat, but doesn't hurt him once she catches up to him. Koda has a lot of energy and would love an active home. She is good with kids, but again she is a large puppy so I would be careful with little ones. She loves people, she wants to lean up against you and snuggle on the couch. We are sad to search for a new placement, but we have an older dog with hip dysplasia and the play time is severely impacting her quality of life.