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Private Adoptions

The Sequoia Humane Society (SHS) aims to help find permanent, loving homes for all adoptable animals. Due to space limitations, we cannot admit every animal looking for a new home into our shelter. We have therefore reserved a space on our website to help pet owners distribute information about animals they need to rehome. All cats and dogs posted for private adoption must be spayed/neutered. In order to post a private adoption, we need a statement granting SHS permission to post your contact information on our website and Facebook. We also suggest that you sign up for the Friends for Life Animal Rescue "Matchmaker" program, and post fliers in vet offices, pet stores and around your neighborhood.
If you are looking to rehome a pet, please send an email to [email protected], including:
General Temperament:
Disclaimer: The Sequoia Humane Society does not guarantee the health or temperament of any private adoption animal listed on its website. Private adoption agreements are between the animal's original guardian and the individual looking to adopt the animal. All parties using this website agree to release SHS from any responsibility related to the private adoption process.
The following animals are currently available for private adoption:

Name: Dario
Breed: Shepard mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 9 months old
Contact: Miranda 415-297-1473
General Temperament: Dario is a puppy still. He is sweet, goofy, very smart, gets along with other dogs and all people, high energy. Would recommend no kids < 10 years old or cats/small animals. He is 51 lb and full of energy. Haven’t tested him with a cat but he does seem to have a strong prey drive. He is fully vetted, fixed, vaccinated and ready for a new home.

Name: Smokey
Breed: Lab Mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 6 yrs
Contact: Linda 707-496-9019
General Temperament: Smokey is crate trained and knows it as his "cubby." He is house trained, good with kids and also good with cats.

Name: Lulu
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/ Husky Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: DOB 4/2019
Contact: (707)616-5860
General Temperament: She’s an amazing girl! I’m sad to have to let her go. I can no longer keep her in my apartment though. She needs to live somewhere with a fenced yard so she can run and play. She has always gotten along well with other dogs. And she ignores cats.
She walks well when walking with a harness. Knows several commands. She loves to run. She is fixed and UTD on shots. She is crate trained. Potty trained. Is fine on car rides.
She has never been around young children, so I’m not sure how she’ll do with them. She currently weighs approximately 85 lbs. and she is still growing. I will be asking a rehoming fee to ensure she is going to a good home.


Name: Ellie
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 2.5 Years
Contact: Cindy 707-496-5251
General Temperament: Ellie loves people, loves playing with her cats, has great recall, pretty good on a leash, super smart, and easy to train. Good indoor manners. No counter surfing or begging for food. Doesn't bark much. Ellie can identify ten of her toys by name and she can also put them away! She jumps when she's excited but is slowly learning how to control that. Her main issue is anxiety. Ellie has separation anxiety. We adopted Ellie in May 2019. She has come a long way and can stay by herself for very short periods of time. As she has become more sure of herself, that time can slowly be increased. Surprisingly, she doesn't chew up anything. Her toys are all intact. She doesn't touch the cat toys. She lives for chasing a ball or fetching just about anything. She loves going out after dark to chase a flashlight. Ellie isn't fond of other dogs. She either ignores them, likes them, or snaps at them. Ellie loves to run and would make a good running companion or possibly enjoy agility training. We've been using a prong collar on leash. Ellie is currently taking fluoxetine (Prozac) for anxiety ($42/month). Trazadone or acepromazine for stressful events like fireworks or travel (or a trip to the vet!). She is up to date on all immunizations.
We are unfortunately unable to keep Ellie. Our environment isn't suitable for what she needs, She is a wonderful dog that always wants to please. She would do best in a busy home with active people, a cat or two, lots of room, balls and toys, and a safe place if she ever has to be alone for a short period of time, ***Do NOT crate her*** She is not recommended for small kids. Ellie really needs to be around people as much as possible, She is also super good at napping and snuggling!


Name: Betty
Breed: Pug
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 4 Years
Contact: Ann 916-585-6801
General Temperament: Even tempered, mellow, low key. She has had a prior knee surgery. Very loving. Extremely jealous of babies... not a good dog if babies are in the house. She is otherwise an attentive, curious, and active part of the family. She is great with older children and other dogs, and she will always be an active part of the family. She doesn't like being excluded. She is potty trained, seat belt trained, dog bed trained, leash trained and a few basic commands. Due to her knee surgery, very long walks are not good for her but she otherwise moves and plays like a regular dog. I am preparing for a baby and Betty is already not handling it well. Would recommend a house without a cat. She would also do best in a house without stairs. Betty is in need of a dental procedure that can be discussed in detail with the owner.

Name: Sadie
Breed: Lab Mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 6 Years
Contact: April 707-273-2178
General Temperament: Sadie is a loving, happy girl that has the energy of a puppy. She has been around kids of all ages and loves them all! She likes to chew on socks, which isn't the best idea. Sadie seems to do well with most other dogs, males more than females, and has only seen cats in the yard. She would love a home where she can be active and get lots of exercise!

Name: Unknown but we call him Rufus. He does not respond to the name Rufus
Breed: Pitbull
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: Vet thinks 1 year
Contact: Jessyca 707-496-3793
General Temperament: This handsome, playful, goofy pup with lots of energy and love is looking for his forever family!
This stray, intact pitbull showed up at my home one dark and cold night with a chewed leash makeshift into a collar with duct tape. He looked well cared for and loved so we were sure to find his family! We took him in while we searched for his owners. We exhausted all efforts but unfortunately his family did not come forward. The Humboldt County Animal Shelter assumes he was a homeless dog from his appearance. So we are now looking for a family to love and care for him as he deserves. He is a sweet guy but he requires more attention than we can give him at this time.
We got him neutered and all his vaccines are up to date. We have two dogs of our own that unfortunately do not get along with him. He likes to hump and nip at ankles but he is a pup so hopefully now that he is neutered this will calm over time. He is not aggressive but he is overly playful and likes to jump. He seems to be okay with cats but has not been alone with them. We would not recommend him for small children.
If you are looking for a playful pup to welcome into your family, he’s your man!


Name: Dennis
Breed: Pit Bull X
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 8 Months
Contact: Maggie 510-328-0045
General Temperament: Dennis is a very friendly puppy who is good with others dogs. He is quite tall and little goofy as he is still growing, around 55 pounds right now, he will be a large dog. He knows some basic training but is still learning and needs to be reminded to not jump up on

Name: Lady
Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 6 Years
Contact: Jen 707-599-2298
General Temperament: General Temperament: Lady is super sweet and enjoys laying her head in your lap. She has done well with kids of all ages and is currently staying in a home with 3 other dogs. She loves to go for walks, but is still learning about the leash. Please contact Jen with any questions you may have about Lady.

Name: Rascal
Breed: German Shepard/Collie Mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 10 Months
Contact: Kellie (707) 616-8787
General Temperament: High energy, very happy upbeat personality. Knows commands sit, come, kneal, and stay. Rascal comes crate trained as well as house trained. He loves to play with other dogs and is submissive.

Name: Waylon
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: Born April 19th or 21, 2019
Contact: 707-601-8431
General Temperament: Likes to be in the same area with humans or another dog at all times - though he doesn't necessarily want attention (when he does want attention, it's the cutest thing ever). Loves toys more than anything and carries them around everywhere. Loves to play, and loves walks and playing fetch. He can be a little nervous at times, but he will let you know when he's uncomfortable - he's not shy about using his voice.

Name: Bunny
Breed: DSH
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 5 Years
Contact: Denise 707-442-5999
General Temperament: Bunny lived in a quiet home with her guardians until they passed away. So when she lost her guardians she found herself without a home alone and frightened.. She loves cuddle with her caregiver or sit on top of her cat tree and look out the window. She is very mellow and likes to observe anything and everything. She would like to settle into a mellow home where she is wanted and loved. She will keep a watchful eye on her new guardians.

Name: Mango
Breed: DSH
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 5/21/10
Contact: Lez 707-443-5879
General Temperament: Mango is a very sweet cat who would do best in a single cat home. Mango is Polydactyl

Name: Aurora
Breed: Hound Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 3 1/2 Years
Contact: James 707-502-4177
General Temperament: Aurora is well trained she does good indoors as well as outdoors. She loves meeting new people and other animals. She comes with vet records and is fully vaccinated.

Name: Banjo
Breed: Cattle dog/Rottweiler Mix
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: 5 Years
Contact: Christine 707-672-6162
General Temperament: Sweet, goofy, energetic. Loves his ball,chewing on sticks, and walks on the beach. He’s a great dog for the right people! Walks great on leash and with most other dogs. Good in the house. Highly sensitive to training and has had group and private training. Needs careful introductions to strangers but warms up quickly to almost everyone. We need to rehome him because he is not trustworthy with children, they make him nervous, and we have kids around a lot. Needs an adult only home. Another dog buddy would be great! No cats.