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Pet Portraits

We have completed our pet portrait fundraiser. Thank you very much to everyone involved. We hope to run a similar event in the future, so stay tuned, if you you didn't get a chance to take part this time!
Sequoia Humane Society Presents
Shelter In Place
Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits
Need a little fun and entertainment during the Shelter In Place? Let us draw your pet! We’re getting together here in the shelter (in spirit) to draw your pet as a way to fundraise during the Shelter In Place.

April 24, 2020 through May 9, 2020, send us a donation of $20 through the link below and a photo of your pet, and we will respond back with a personal, original work of art made just for you. Drawing may not be our first calling, but we will do our best to draw your furry friend!

The fundraiser is done for now... Thank you!

To get your Poorly Drawn Pet Portrait:
  1. Donate $20 (or more!) to the link above
  2. Email your photo to [email protected]
Donations can also be made by phone! Call (707) 442-1782 and leave us a voicemail. Our Community Outreach Director will call you back.
Min. $20 donation per photo. Two pet maximum, per photo submission. Original submission photos and drawings may be shared through our media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Email, Website) unless otherwise directed.