Sequoia Humane Society

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Wish List

The Sequoia Humane Society is always in need of a variety of items for use in helping take care of our feline and canine friends. This is just a brief list of items that are always appreciated by the pets, staff, and volunteers.

Print it out, and take this list with you next time you go to the store. Myrtle Avenue Pet Center has a list of our most used items or we always appreciate gift certificates too! You can also order items online and have them shipped to us directly!  This is our Amazon wishlist:

Thanks for helping us help our animal friends!

  • Clorox brand bleach
  • Non-Clumping Cat Litter (Like Johnny Cat)
  • Grain-free kitten and cat food: wet and dry, canned or kibbles
  • Friskies Pate/Classic Style Canned Cat Food (not sliced)
  • Catnip or crunchy cat treats
  • Cat videos for the cat room DVD player
  • High Quality* cat and kitten toys:  puff balls, jingle balls, stick toys, ribbon toys, laser toys,and feather wands.
  • Pig ears, dog biscuits, bully sticks, sows ears, and other dog treats (no rawhide)
  • Apple sauce & yogurt (plain or vanilla) to fill hard dog toys, fully cooked hotdogs, and lower-sodium canned broths
  • Dog toys:  kongs, romp-n-roll, boomer balls, tug-a-jugs, cuz-balls, rope toys, squeaky toys, plush toys, teething toys, snuggle toys, water toys, balls, Frisbees, and other throwing toys
  • Grain-free dog and puppy treats (no rawhide.)
  • Shredded paper for puppy pens -- strips, not cross cut --no staples, envelopes, glossy or photo papers, adhesives, paperclips, etc.  The paper is for puppies to sleep on.
  • Martingale-style collars (no chains, full nylon only), 4-6' leashes (no flexi or retractable leashes), and harnesses in all styles and sizes
  • Pet Beds:  new and clean, gently used pet beds of all shapes, sizes, and styles
  • Grain-free dry pet food - We proudly feed Nutrisource (Myrtle Ave Pet Center), Natures Domain (Costco), and other high quality, grain-free, corn-free dry foods.  If we cannot feed a certain food in the shelter, we make sure it gets to an organization distributing to those who need the most help feeding their pets. 
  • Blankets (no stuffing or fluff.)
  • Office supplies --various types and colors of copier/printer paper; blue, black, and red writing pens; misc office supplies: white out, tape,  paper clips, highlighters, binder clips, etc;

*High Quality - the difference between one cat or dog going through six toys during a stay; and one toy going through six cats or dogs staying at the shelter.

For questions, or to make a donation: 
phone: 707-442-1782