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Private Adoptions

The Sequoia Humane Society (SHS) aims to help find permanent, loving homes for all adoptable animals.  Due to space limitations, we cannot admit every animal looking for a new home into our shelter.  We have therefore reserved a space on our website to help pet owners distribute information about animals they need to rehome.  All cats and dogs posted for private adoption must be spayed/neutered.  In order to post a private adoption, we need a statement granting SHS permission to post your contact information on our website and Facebook.  We also suggest that you sign up for the Friends for Life Animal Rescue "Matchmaker" program, and post fliers in vet offices, pet stores and around your neighborhood.
If you are looking to rehome a pet, please send an email to shelter@sequoiahumane.orgincluding:

General temperament (e.g. good with other animals (dogs, cats) &/or people/kids, house/litter-trained, other personal habits):  
General temperament (e.g. good with other animals (dogs, cats) &/or people/kids, house/litter-trained, other personal habits): 
Please attach a photo of your pet to the e-mail, in JPG format. Your listing will be posted for 90 days (please notify as soon as the animal is adopted).
Disclaimer: The Sequoia Humane Society does not guarantee the health or temperament of any private adoption animal listed on its website. Private adoption agreements are between the animal's original guardian and the individual looking to adopt the animal. All parties using this website agree to release SHS from any responsibility related to the private adoption process. 
The following animals are currently available for private adopton:

Name: Gus
Breed: Border Collie mix
Gender: Male 
Age:4 years old 
Contact: (707) 496 2447 for Helen or (707) 496 3144 for Scott 
Characteristics: .  He loves to fetch a ball, and actually drops it near our feet, and he can sit for a treat. He is very smart, energetic, and playful. If he could sleep on your bed, or cuddle you on the couch, he would, but he knows where his bed is, and settles inside the house very nicely. He really seems to love kids in particular - but he is more wary of men. He lives with two smaller dogs and a cat currently, so he is used to other pets in the house.  
In his current situation, however, our other dogs are alpha and Gus's presence is causing some food and territorial issues 
General temperament: - Gus himself is actually a sweetheart. We think he would thrive away from them, where he will get more attention that he adores. He is a cuddler and a people dog, and would dearly love to be the dog that comes with you in your vehicle every day. Overall he is very sweet-natured, but can give a good guard dog warning bark when needed.  He is all up to date on vaccinations, and is ok when visiting the vets.  Grooming, on the other hand, is not a favorite!

Name: Walker
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Gender: Male
Contact: Kathryn Thompson 707-834-6206 

He needs to be in a kid free environment and possibly a one dog or no dog environment. He is strictly an indoor dog. Except to go outside and potty and play. He loves to lay on your lap and snuggle. He likes to sleep in our bed. Under the covers! He is a wonderful loving boy. 

Breed:French Brittany Spaniel mix 
Age: 10 years old
Contact: 530-913-8348 or
Characteristics:We were able to save Sienna from going to a shelter today as one of our Foster homes said they would help her. Sienna is a very pretty 10 y/o female (looks like French Brittany Spaniel mix - not a wolfdog!) about 55 lbs, spayed, vaccinated and she is in good health. Sienna loves her walks! Sienna has a high prey drive and likes to chase squirrels, birds, cats, little dogs etc. and is quite limber for her age. Sienna is very peaceful and loving, a real love bug with humans. She just needs some training classes where she can learn to be more comfortable around little dogs in a controlled setting. Foster is working with this now. Best in a calm household. She is house trained and crate trained [but we don't recommend leaving any dog in a crate for more than 3 hours]. Sienna would be fine as an only dog, or with a nice social companion. Sienna loves her walks and heels nicely on leash with someone who is a good handler. She also loves car her rides and to just be with you. She can jump over a 4' fence so recommend 5' fencing. Sienna loves to go on hikes and swimming in the lakes. Please contact us if you would like to give sweet Sienna forever home. We don't like bouncing them around from home to home as it is very stressful but fosters can only keep them so long. Everyone wants the young pups and these mature dogs often wind up at the shelters being euthanized or languishing for months.

Red: 2 years old
Blue: 3 years old
These are my dogs Red and Blue. Blue is the white one and Red is obviously the red one. I've had blue since she was three months old and I've had Red since he was six weeks old. These two have traveled all the way from Las Vegas with me and we've had such good times together. They both enjoy long hikes and love love going to the beach. They are both sweet and friendly. Both are great with children and enjoy being cuddled and playing fetch. It saddens me to have to put them up for adoption but I am unable to bring them with me. I want them to have a nice backyard to play in and a great family who will love them both and take good care of them. If you think that you have room in your heart to take care of them and love them as much as I have please feel free to contact me.
Jessica Uribe  702-913-4314

When I first met Meer about ten years ago, he was wild and looked to be in good health, but not very social at all. Then after a couple of years I noticed he looked very thin, and was pretty beat up by other strays. I started feeding him, put flea meds on him, and gave him deworming meds in his warm milk. His health improved, and I helped him chase the other cats out of his space... (Lol... You should have seen that!) 
I won his trust slowly, but I could not let him in my cottage because I have a male indoor cat, although I did try. I let him sleep in the rafters of the garage so he could stay dry and safe... He is social with me because I feed him, and he enjoys time in the garden together, at night he will hang out by the open front door so he can hear the activity in the house. 
I am a senior lady, and I have to move... There is no one on this property that would/could care for him, when he needs care the most. I cannot take him with me... It is in the city, and I don't think he would survive for more than a few weeks there...I still can't bring him in the house, and there would be no place for me to give him a safe warm place to sleep. he has been used to country life with lots of places to roam. 
I am heartsick about what to do for Meer... He has been socialized enough to need your care, if he had an indoors home he could be socialized even more... He would not be good around young kids. 
If you have room for Meer in your heart and in your home/or on your property please call me. 840-9228

Name: Floki
This handsome kitty is Floki, he is a cat of many talents. He is litterbox trained, loves to hangout with his dog and human friends and Floki can also PLAY FETCH! He loves to cuddle at night and have lots of play time during the day. Balls, feathers and strings are some of his favorite toys but his altime favorite is his little fabric ball. He enjoys being outdoors, playing in the grass and jumping after bugs, he never ventures out of the yard. He will wear a harness and walk around with it. Floki also lets you trim his nails while he is sleeping. Floki loves to talk (meow) with you. He has also been on several 6+ hour road trips and sleeps the whole time.

Good with other dogs, no experience with him around other animals, super patient with children, barks at strangers but never aggressive towards people, house trained, UTD on all vaccinations 
Breed:  Lab/boxer/Mcnab
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 1.5 years (dob 10/31/2015)
Contact: Kiana 530-338-8582
Characteristics: He is pretty well-behaved but barks at approaching strangers. He loves to cuddle and to play tug-of-war and fetch. He just wants to be next to you all the time, he's a lover! And he is my 3-year old daughter's best friend. He rides in the car like a champ. He LOVES baths. He needs a home that isn't on a busy street corner, he needs more regular exercise,  less people passing by, and someone who has lots of affection to give. 

Breed: Border Collie/Kelpie mix
Gender: Spayed Female
Age: 1 year old
Kya is a beautiful, energetic, teenage, herding dog! She is available through Buddy and Angel's Animal Rescue and is currently being fostered. She was surrendered to the rescue by her owner who was unable to keep her any longer. She is loving and enjoys playing with dog friends! She knows all of her basic commands (and some fancy tricks), is house broken, as well as crate trained. Kya loves to give kisses and to cuddle with her foster family. She has done really well around chickens, other dogs and young children. Did we mention she has great recall, loves the water and also rides awesome in the car?!

If you want an active dog to add to your active life style, Kya is the dog for you! She could possibly even be a good agility companion or ranch dog with some training. If you would like to meet Kya, please contact her foster parent today to arrange a meet and greet! An adoption application, home visit, and small adoption fee does apply. 

Breed: Austrailian Shepherd 
Gender: Male and Female siblings
Age: 11 years old
Contact: Louise @ 760-822-1346  Ed @760-822-1636 
Characteristics: Sadie is a 'people pleaser' and is very intelligent.  She loves to take walks, play fetch with a tennis ball, loves to go down to the river to play in the water & play fetch with sticks, she's a great protector & is a great mouse & rat hunter!  
Buddy is everyone's friend! He's so sweet, very mellow, loves to be petted. He's a great companion who will be your best friend!