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Hot Asphalt Awareness

It is astonishing how much hotter the asphalt is compared to the temperature of the ambient air.  

If air is 77 F, asphalt is 125 F;

If air is 86 F, asphalt is 135 F; 

If air is 87 F, asphalt is 143 F !

Is is too hot to walk my dog?  -A Test-

Place the back of your hand on the pavement.  If you cannot comfortably hold your hand there for 5 whole seconds, it is too hot to walk your dog.

Your dog's pads are as sensitive as your exposed skin. It is important to take into account the contact between your dog's feet and the hot, hot ground.  If you must take your dog out, and it is too hot for them to walk, consider carrying them, or invest in doggie booties.